Kenny Spring Solicitors led the way in the Bathurst property market when it comes to electronic conveyancing.

Our property and conveyancing team provide you with real-time lodgement and fast electronic transfer of settlement proceeds, which means a quicker settlement process and faster access to your settlement funds.

As part of our commitment to humanising legal services, we will still provide you with face-to-face meetings, expert advice, and communication as we guide you through the conveyancing process. 

Benefits of electronic conveyancing:

Faster completion of Settlements
You no longer wait for documents to be registered, or for your money to clear, and there is no need for agents to attend settlements.

Preloaded information means accuracy
With direct access to Land Registry data, it means accurate information every time.

Access to your money faster
Settlement monies will be deposited directly into your nominated account within 24 hours of settlement (subject to the receiving financial institutions policies and systems).

Safe and Secure transaction environment
Only certified property lawyers or conveyancers can complete an online property transaction after completing a rigorous verification process.

Provides greater certainty around settlement dates
All information supplied by participating parties is verified to make sure it matches and is accurate before proceeding to settlement. This means we are able to dramatically reduce the risk of a delayed or failed settlement.

We can keep you more up-to-date with how things are progressing
Because we are able to follow the transaction process on line we can see the progress being made by all parties, including the banks.

Our experienced Property lawyers and conveyancers use PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) for real property transfers, mortgages and caveats across Australia, including transactions where there are cash purchasers or financial institutions who are participants in PEXA.