Excellence in Service

Our dedicated teams focus on individual areas of law, so we have a strong understanding of the issues that clients face and how best to resolve them. Quality service is at the core of Kenny Spring's practice. Our Solicitors are readily available when you need them, and if they can't speak to you immediately they will get back to their clients quickly with the information that you need. You know you can rely on us to provide accurate, cost-effective and timely advice – whatever the issue.

Our work culture

We believe that our demonstrated strong and positive culture is the greatest benefit we can provide our clients. Continuing to develop and further improve our culture, work environment and our people is essential for great customer service. If the people of Kenny Spring are happy at work this will resonate through to their work productivity and interaction with clients. We believe that at Kenny Spring we have a great culture and that our clients benefit strongly from this.

Our experience and willingness to change

Although we are one of the oldest law firms in the Central West, we like to think we are also one of the most innovative. With over 40 years of experience we have a wealth of knowledge that is perfectly balanced with new innovative thinking. We embrace change.