Commercial property development can take on many forms. Whether you are a first time developer or investor in the commercial property market, or an experienced property developer your requirements and expertise will be different. We have expertise in all aspects of property transactions and commercial property development. From single building developments to multi-unit projects, we are able to help assist and guide you.

Our commercial law team can make sure that proper due diligence is undertaken before you buy a commertial property or enter into any property development. We can also help you with the additional challenges of ongoing liabilities, taxes and other complex legal issues. Often commercial matters have time sensitivities and we can also ensure a speedy and efficient delivery of services together with providing clear and precise legal advice.

Retail and commercial leasing

Entering into a lease is something that nearly all businesses will do at some stage and is an important financial commitment. The terms of leases will vary greatly as will the responsibilities of the parties. Our commercial lawyers have expertise in drafting commercial and retail leases, negotiating leases and leasing disputes.    

When negotiating a lease it is important not to assume that certain rights and obligations will be included.  We can help you work with the other party to ensure that you have a balanced and well considered lease. Taking the time to ensure the lease works for you at the start will save you countless hours in time and resources, especially if a dispute arises between the parties.

Mortgage services

Many businesses will borrow and potentially lend money during the course of conducting its business.  If you are thinking of borrowing or lending money to or from your business, or personally, our solicitors can document the terms of any loan carefully to ensure that the entity lending the money has the best possible security.

We not only undertake mortgage processing for various credit unions and mutual banks, we also prepare and advise on loan contracts, guarantee documents and mortgagee default problems.

For more information on the services we provide around commercial property please call 1800 650 656.