Planning your Estate properly, with guidance from an experienced lawyer is very important. Without this clear legal advice there may be potentially serious implications for you and your loved ones. There are many milestones in your life, such as marriage, the birth of your children, house purchases or separation and divorce that will affect the way you want your assets distributed in the event of your death.

Depending on your circumstances, arranging a Will can be far more complicated than simply deciding on who gets what.  You may have several years of ill health, mental incapacity or special needs before your death that you may wish to plan for so that, if you lose the capacity to make decisions for yourself, your wishes are still met.

By getting this valuable legal advice it will ensure your Estate is administered in the way you have chosen and will also help to avoid any unnecessary complications.

We can help you with:

  • Preparing a current and legally binding Will
  • Creating Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship documentation
  • Creating a Testamentary Trust for your beneficiaries
  • Acting as an Executor of a Will
  • Obtaining Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration
  • Contesting a Will or defending a claim made against an Estate.

Kenny Spring offers a range of fixed-fee solutions for different types of Wills.

Our Estate Planning team will take care of everything for you, no matter how simple or complicated your estate is. Please contact one of our Wills and Estate specialists on 1800 650 656.