In previous articles I have spoken about what makes a valid Will, and one of those requirements is that a Will needs to be witnessed by at least two persons.

But what if one of the witnesses is a beneficiary of the Will?

Section 10 of the Succession Act 2006 NSW provides that a gift to a witness in a Will is void; unless:

  • Two of the people who witness the Will are not beneficiaries under the Will; or if
  • The consent of all the other beneficiaries of the Will is obtained; or
  • The Supreme Court of NSW (“The Court”) permits the gift to the witness.

What age can you make a Will?

Legislation throughout Australia defines that a minor is a person under the age of 18 and once a person obtains the age of 18 they have reached what is referred to, in New South Wales as, the age of majority.

Section 5 of the Act provides that a Will of a minor is invalid unless the minor is married or makes a Will in contemplation of marriage providing that the marriage takes place.

Nevertheless, the Court can authorise a minor to make a Will providing that:

  • The Minor understands the nature and effects of the proposed Will;
  • The proposed will accurately reflects the intentions of the minor; and
  • That it is reasonable in all circumstances to authorise the minor to make a Will.

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Peter McManus | Wills and Estate Planning Solicitor