An Enduring Guardian is someone you appoint to make personal or lifestyle decisions on your behalf when you are not capable of doing this for yourself.

If you are unable to make your own decisions because of a temporary or permanent loss of capacity, you cannot always be sure that informal support networks or people important to you will be able to make significant decisions on your behalf.  By allowing us to put an enduring guardian in place for you, you will be able to decide who can make these important decisions for you.  

You can choose which decisions you want your Enduring Guardian to make for you, such as where you should live and what medical treatment and services you should receive. You can give your Enduring Guardian as many or as few decisions to make for you as you like and you can also provide direction as to how you want your Enduring Guardian to carry out these decisions.

Decisions an Enduring Guardian cannot make for you

There are some decisions that an Enduring Guardian cannot make on your behalf.  They are unable to make a will for you, vote on your behalf, consent to marriage, manage your finances, or override your objections, if any, to medical treatment.

Kenny Spring can make sure your Enduring Guardian is valid

There are legal and formal requirements that must be met in order to ensure your Enduring Guardian appointment is valid. Our experienced Wills and Estates Lawyers can:

  • Tell you more about how an Enduring Guardian appointment can be used to help organise your personal affairs should you lose the ability to manage them yourself
  • Make sure that an Enduring Guardian is the right document for you
  • Prepare and explain the documents for appointment of an Enduring Guardian and arrange for the necessary people to sign them.

For further information about how to put an Enduring Guardian in place, please contact one of our Wills and Estates team.