Whether you are looking to purchase your first business, expand your current business or into a new market, or looking at options to sell, there are many legal factors that need to be considered. Kenny Spring have decades of experience in assisting in business acquisitions and sales and this experience allows us to maximise your opportunities and minimise problems before they can occur.

Engage a solicitor early in the process

Whether you are buying or selling a business it's important to understand that when someone purchases or sells a business, what is being sold isn't just the product or service of that business, it’s the relationships and rights associated with that business that create the value.

By engaging a Kenny Spring solicitor early on when you are considering purchasing or selling a business you are able to have someone who understands your needs and advise you on the possible legal hurdles you may expect.

Selling a Business

Kenny Spring puts the human approach into selling your business, protecting all that hard work, and making selling your business as seamless as possible.

All that hard work invested into the business needs to be reflected in the sale. Kenny Spring solicitors are experts in understanding and reviewing businesses and when selling your business we adopt a three-step approach:

  1. A pre-sale review of your business, including:
    1. reviewing business contracts, leases, licences and the underlying assets of value of the business;
    2. any employment issues and entitlements; and
    3. liaising with your business team such as business broker/agent and accountants to optimise tax and effective strategies for sale.
  2. Putting your business to market, including preparation of the sale contract and advising you of the business sale process; and
  3. Preparing and attending to settlement, assisting with handover and life after your business.

Purchasing a Business

When you engage a Kenny Spring solicitor, we will assist you every step of the way. The purchase is just the first step to assisting you on your business journey.

Your reasons for buying the business are as important to us as they are to you. Kenny Spring aims to ensure that your legal and business needs align.

Kenny Spring can assist with all aspects of your business purchase, including:

  • Due diligence on assets, profits and contracts underlying the business;
  • Advising you on structuring and liaising with your business team to maximise your business structure for future growth;
  • Reviewing business sale contracts, franchise agreements, leases and licenses associated with the business;
  • Advising you on federal and state taxation associated with the acquisition; and
  • Reviewing employment entitlements and assisting with the transfer of employees;
  • Post purchase advice on your legal requirements and business needs.

If a solicitor who values you and your business as much as you do sounds like a fit for you, contact Kenny Spring on 1800 650 656.