With bad debts on the increase, you need the expertise of the Kenny Spring team to get your cash flow back in order.  The Kenny Spring team handle all aspects of debt recovery, from initial letters of demand, negotiation of payment to the drafting of statements of claim and conduct of hearings.

We work with businesses to help minimise risk, and ensure robust credit collection policies. This starts with a review of terms of business and business documentation, to ensure that where a debt needs collecting, there are no hurdles to the process.

For individuals, we know the anxiety and stress that being owed money can cause. We work with you to quickly to get your money back in your pocket.

Review of documentation

The agreements, contracts and terms of business that you have in place will determine how successful you are, and what means are available to you or your business in recovering bad debts.  We work with businesses to ensure that you are compliant with applicable legislation, and that there is no uncertainty in agreements with customers, as to goods or services supplied, or the expectation of payment, and terms.

Letter of Demand

When you engage Kenny Spring, we will meet with you and tailor our debt collection process for your business. The letter of demand is the first step in this process.

In many cases, a letter of demand will result in payment being made, without the need for Court proceedings.  We will do this once you have exhausted attempts internally to chase the debt. 

Court proceedings

If payment is not forthcoming after our letter of demand, and follow up letter, proceedings can be commenced in the Local Court. Larger debts are handled by the District Court, Supreme Court or Federal Court.  We take care of the drafting, filing and serving of the Statement of Claim.

Where the claim is ignored, we will file for Default Judgment.  Where claims are contested, we will advise on the prospects of success, gather and prepare evidence and appear on the hearing.


Once a judgment is entered, we take steps to enforce the Court's orders.

Enforcement options available include:

  • Writ for Levy of Property
  • Sale of land
  • Garnishes of wages
  • Garnishee of bank accounts
  • Bankruptcy or Insolvency action.

For more information on how we can help recover your debt, please talk to one of our experienced lawyers on 1800 650 656.