Article Category - Wills & Estates By Lauren Ryan 10 June 2021

Throughout Winter, 10% of fees generated from any new and existing Wills, Power of Attorney or Enduring Guardian, will be donated to the Veritas House Supported Independent Living program which helps prepare and support local young people to make a smooth transition from living in Out-of-Home Care (Foster Care) to living independently.

Funds raised from the Kenny Spring Winter Wills program will be used to purchase fresh food and support a Veritas House caseworker to go into each young person’s home each month to cook a healthy meal with them, providing necessary skills and confidence in their steps towards adulthood.

Here are 10 other great reasons you should consider updating your Will:

  1. The people named in the Will such as the Executor or Guardian has died;
  2. The Executor or Guardian becomes unsuitable to carry out their duties for some reason;
  3. You get Married, because Marriage revokes all Wills unless of course the Will is made in contemplation of a Marriage;
  4. You start living with a partner, as your partner may be entitled to some of your estate;
  5. There is a birth or an adoption of a child or a grandchild;
  6. You may want to add a Guardian to care for the new child, or you may want to leave the new child or grandchild a gift;
  7. If you separate from a Spouse or a Defacto partner, as a former Spouse or Defacto partner will still benefit from your Will;
  8. If you become divorced, because a divorce automatically cancels any gift to the former Spouse made in your Will, and you may still wish to give a gift to your former spouse;
  9. There is a change in the value of your estate or a monetary gift may not be worth the value of the gift, or you may wish to delete a specific gift in the Will; and
  10. You may decide to delete or add a beneficiary to your Will.

Life changes, and it's important to keep your estate planning documents up to date.

A number of our clients use a significant date during the year, such as an anniversary or birthday, to run their eye over their Will and make sure nothing needs to be adjusted.

If you don't have a Will like around 50% of Australians, or you haven't reviewed yours for a while, give us a call on 1800 650 656. We're here to help in Bathurst, Oberon, and Lithgow.

Lauren Ryan | Solicitor