We’ve been out there getting feedback from clients, real estate agents, accountants and brokers.

The most frequent concern we hear is, “It takes too long from acceptance of offer to exchange of contracts.”

We hear you, and we're here to help! 

With the tightening of lending criteria in recent years (which we anticipate will further stiffen following the Financial Services Royal Commission) the lending funnel has definitely lengthened.

What are we doing to speed this process along?

1. Same day service –at Kenny Spring we guarantee we make contact with our client the same day we receive the Sales Advice, and also on receipt of the Contract for Sale from the vendor’s solicitor or conveyancer.  If acting for the vendor, we guarantee same day submission of the Contract to the purchaser’s solicitor, provided we are able to obtain instructions from our client.

We also guarantee that pest, building and strata reports are ordered the same day we receive instructions to do so.

In an active and increasingly competitive market it is in our clients’ best interest that we move the matter to exchange as quickly as possible. 

2. Early advice on finance – we believe finance should be part of every initial conversation with a client, for us and for real estate agents.  The sooner the clients enter the lending funnel, the sooner they are delivered out the other end, hopefully with unconditional approval. 

Our experience tells us that timely communication allows us to pick up on finance delays or concerns early, and move to advise and rectify any issues as quickly as possible. 

3. We will take your calls! – it is the policy of the Kenny Spring property team to always take calls: from clients, agents, brokers and anyone involved in our conveyancing process.  Unless we are on the phone, in conference or out of the office, we guarantee we will take your call.  If you leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as we are available.

4. Communication - we are acutely aware of the importance of keeping agents informed regarding progress towards exchange, and particularly as to any hiccups which may occur along the way.  We guarantee we will keep you informed from Sales Advice to exchange, and further on to settlement.

We don’t believe in letting matters “drip by” and take their usual course.  We drive them.  We follow up with clients, brokers, banks and the other side to ensure all parties are working hard towards exchange.

At Kenny Spring we value our relationships with our clients, and with our industry colleagues, and believe in the importance of working together to achieve our common goal.

5. Continual improvement – we ask all our clients for feedback regarding our service, and are open to our industry colleagues providing this to us as well.  We also love coffee, so if you would like to chat with us regarding a particular matter, or our service generally – let us know, and we’ll bring coffee to you.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a property or investment property, it’s best to get in touch with our property team as early as possible, so we can guide you from acceptance to exchange with ease.

As always, the answers provided are for your general information only and we ask you to call our office on 1800 650 656 to obtain detailed legal advice for your individual situation.

Lauren O’Brien | Kenny Spring Property Team