It is the unfortunate reality that factors like economic pressure and changing technology result in businesses undergoing restructure, internal change, relocation or closure. These changes add significant pressure and uncertainty to people's lives and means that businesses need to be able to adapt or they may perish.

Australian workplace regulations provide a support system to help regulate the implementation of workplace changes and redundancy, but it requires careful navigation to work through this sometimes complex legal environment. Kenny Spring has the legal expertise to support your business through any workplace change.

Requirements for employers in relation to workplace change

All modern awards contain a standard consultation clause outlining the requirement of employers to consult with employees and their representatives if any significant changes are proposed within the workplace.

The types of changes that will require you as an employer to consult with your employees include:

  • Changes to regular rosters or ordinary hours of work
  • Major changes in production
  • Major changes in the organisation or structure of the business

It is important to note that consent from employees is not required in these instances but that you have provided fair notice to staff of changes, and they have had the  opportunity for input and communication on the proposed changes.

How we can help you with Redundancy and workplace change

Our employment law team understands the requirements imposed on employers regarding the provision of notice for workplace change and redundancy. We can help ensure that the implementation of these by your business is performed in a legal manner.

With this knowledge and experience, we also offer peace of mind to your employees who are going through workplace change or redundancy. We make sure that the actions being taken by you as an employer complies with your legislated requirements, and can fully explore any available avenues of remedy.