In Australia, the professional relationship between all employers and employees is dictated by a common law employment contract and it is really important that they are drafted correctly to make sure you and your employee's rights are property protected.

What is an employment contract?

An employment contract is a legally binding agreement dictating the terms and conditions of the employment and can be outlined in a written document or expressed verbally.

Featuring a number of important components, employment contracts build off established statutory and common law minimum standards to outline the responsibilities, obligations and rights of the parties to the agreement.

Get legal advice when drafting employment contracts

It is important to get legal advice when drafting or reviewing employment contracts as this will make sure the contract you are providing to an employee is valid, enforceable and offers the correct protections and rights under Australian law.

Employment contracts are complex documents requiring a comprehensive and up to date understanding of government awards, employment standards, common law and statutory requirements and the application of these to a modern work environment. The employment contract could be void in principle if these legal requirements are not met.

We can review your workplace contracts

The employment team at Kenny Spring Solicitors has extensive experience in the drafting and review of employment contracts for both commercial organisations and individual employees.

With a wide-ranging knowledge of the ever changing statutory and common law regulations, we offer an informed and effective option for ensuring your employment contract complies with Australian standards and adequately protects your interests.

Providing an easy to understand approach and a quick turn-around, Kenny Spring Solicitors offers cost-effective peace of mind with your workplace contracts.