Whether you have been charged with drinking driving, speeding or you have had your driver's licence disqualified or cancelled, our experienced team at Kenny Spring will protect your rights.  We will work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome, no matter what your circumstances.

Drink driving

If you have been pulled over by the police for a random breath test or as a consequence of reckless driving and you were over the legal limit for alcohol, you will need legal advice from our experienced lawyers.

We will work diligently to ensure that you get the best outcome for your drink driving charge. We do this by ensuring that the court understands your personal circumstances, your driving history, and any remorse you may have in regards to the drink driving charge. Getting help from our experienced legal team ensures that the outcome of your drink driving matter is handled in a fair and just manner. 

Speeding and other traffic offences

We understand that sometimes mistakes can occur when behind the wheel. If you have been caught speeding or driving recklessly Kenny Spring Solicitors will deal with your case fairly and objectively. We can help by analysing the circumstances surrounding the charge you have received, review your driving history, and your need for a licence. We can ensure that the Court has all the relevant facts to consider before you are issued a penalty.  

By not pre-judging your situation and acting in a fair and unbiased manner, we are able to achieve a fairer outcome for you.

Licence appeals

If you have had your licence suspended either by the police or the Roads and Maritime Services Authority we can help you seek an appeal through the Court to get the suspension quashed and your licence reinstated.

For more information on how we can help you deal with your traffic offence please call 1800 650 656.