Every parent wants to know that their children are supported financially. This is even more important if your relationship breaks down and arrangements have to be put in place between you and your former partner to make sure the children are taken care of.  

The process of getting child support arrangements in place can be complex and fraught with conflict. Kenny Spring's family lawyers can help you understand your rights and responsibilities, make sure your children's financial future is secure and that the necessary child support payments are forthcoming.

How child support arrangements are assessed

Child support arrangements are generally made by the Child Support Agency who assesses an amount to be paid by either you or your former partner to the other for the care of your child or children.

The Child Support Agency will take into account each of your incomes, the number of children and the living arrangements when making their assessment. The financial amount set by the Child Support Agency is done by using a specific formula.

It is important to talk with our family law experts before you begin this proces, as in some cases, this administrative process will not be appropriate for a family's particular situation. By getting legal advice early we will be able to advise you of the best approach to suit your personal situation.

We can make sure your former partner pays child support

Our family lawyers can help make sure your former partner adheres to the child support arrangements put in place. We can provide you with legal advice around converting the child support arrangment into a binding financial agreement. 

At Kenny Spring we have expertise in drafting financial agreements and can tailor an agreement to suit your child support needs. By creating a legally binding financial agreement it means that the child support arrangements cannot be changed unless the agreement has been terminated.

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