Kenny Spring's family lawyers are experts in helping former partners make arrangements for the ongoing care of their children. We adopt a child-focussed approach to parenting matters, ensuring that the final parenting orders will serve you and your children well into the future.

Your child's best interests are our main focus

You are very much a part of the process when you choose Kenny Spring. We involve you at each step of the way. We take the time to understand the individual needs of you and your family and work with you to achieve a long term solution. We understand the potential stress of litigation and will work with you and your partner to resolve your issues without the intervention of the Court where possible; regardless of how complicated the issues may seem at the outset.

Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation

After separation you and your partner may reach an agreement about the living arrangements for the children. This may be in writing or a verbal agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached our family lawyers can help guide you through the Family Dispute Resolution or mediation process before going to court. We work with mediators and family dispute resolution services in the Central West, and can connect you with appropriate resources and services, throughout the process of resolving family law disputes. Once an agreement has been reached we can formalise the arrangement in the form of Parenting Plans or Consent Orders.

If an agreement cannot be reached even after mediation then we can manage the court proceedings for you. We have detailed knowledge and experience of the court process and will be able to represent you and your children's best interests through this legal process.

We can also help you with:

  • The right of grandparents and caregivers to see children
  • Relocating with the child
  • Relocation and recovery orders if other parent refuses to return child
  • Getting a passport for the child
  • Changing the child's surname.

Kenny Spring's team of family law lawyers can assist you in drafting parenting plans, consent orders and court proceedings. Please get in touch to see how we can help.