It is inevitable that at some stage your business will have a dispute with either a customer, supplier or other third party.  How those disputes are handled and resolved is very important as resolving a dispute quickly and economically will be imperative to the ongoing success of your business.

Alternative dispute resolution

Alternative dispute resolution refers to the settlement of disputes outside of the court system.  There are many options for alternate dispute resolution available to parties, from mediation, arbitration and conciliation.

How we can help you with dispute resolution

Kenny Spring Solicitors understands that no business wants or needs long, expensive and drawn out disputes, as these detract from the time you are able to spend on your business.  We approach business disputes from a commercial position to ensure that the best possible outcome is obtained.

Our commercial lawyers have expertise in business disputes, breach of contract claims, building and construction disputes, partnership and shareholder disputes and insolvency related claims and recoveries and can help with:

  • Identifying ways of resolving disputes without going to court
  • Working towards resolution before litigation begins, or out of court if litigation has already commenced
  • Organising mediation between parties, including representing you at mediation.

For more information about how we can help you with mediation and dispute resolution please call 1800 650 656.