Article Category - Criminal Law and Traffic Offences By Angus Edwards 15 July 2021

On Monday 28 June 2021, a new law came into effect that introduces harsh penalties for those caught driving with a combination of illicit drugs and alcohol in their system.

The new law is known as the Four Angels Law in honour of Antony, Angeline and Sienna Abdallah, and Veronique Sakr, who were killed in a fatal crash in Oatlands last year, by a driver with alcohol and illicit drugs in their system.

The new law aims to reduce road fatalities as research show that drivers under the influence of both drugs and alcohol are 23 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash.

Under the Four Angels Law, people caught driving with alcohol and drugs in their system receive:

  • A minimum disqualification period of 12 months if it is a mid-range PCA or
  • A minimum of 18 months disqualification for a high-range PCA.

They will also be subject to increased fines to reflect the seriousness of the charge. The alcohol interlock program will be mandatory under this combined offence and vehicle sanctions may also apply to this offence.

Between 2015 and 2019, 98 people were killed on NSW roads where the driver or rider had illegal levels of alcohol and illicit drugs combined in their system, according to Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Minister, Paul Toole. The new laws have been introduced to send a message to drivers taking risks on the road in NSW and reduce the number of fatalities.

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Angus Edwards | Principal and Shanaya Stapleton | Solicitor