News Category - By Angus Edwards 19 February 2021

Facebook has now restricted access to news in Australia as a result of the new media bargaining laws proposed by the Australian Government. These new laws would essentially force major tech giants such as Facebook to pay Australian news outlets for their content. 

Unfortunately, a number of small businesses, sporting groups, and not-for-profit organisations have been caught up in these new sweeping restrictions. Including our own Kenny Spring Facebook page. 

In lieu of being able to share the latest legal updates with you via Facebook, you can still access all our articles and updates on our website, Instagram, and LinkedIn page: 

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We also send out regular newsletter updates, so if you would like to be added to our email list contact us at 

If you know of any other local businesses impacted by this, we would love to hear from them, please let us know, as we are working hard to resolve this issue. 

Angus Edwards | Principal