The Federal Government has now passed legislation for the Jobkeeper 2.0 package as part of its continued economic response to the Coronavirus. 

The initial Jobkeeper payments package was a lifeline for many businesses to see them through the worst of the pandemic, lockdowns, and restrictions. With many businesses now on the road to recovery, the new version of Jobkeeper is harder to access and has reduced benefits, and is designed at supporting the most affected business in the most affected industries. We will take you through the complexities of the new arrangements which apply from October this year.

The new legislation has also made some of the flexible working arrangements available to businesses who no longer qualify for Jobkeeper. These are key tools for businesses in ensuring they have the right staff, working the right hours, to keep business functioning and be ready to scale up as more normal conditions return. Knowing whether you are eligible, and how to use the previsions will be essential for business leaders navigating the difficult months that still lie ahead.

In this engaging session, our speakers Nathan Pearce from Panorama Business & Financial and Angus Edwards from Kenny Spring will provide insights and advice, and some practical tips to support business.

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Guest Speakers

  • Angus Edwards - Kenny Spring Solicitors
    Angus is the Principal of Kenny Spring Solicitors and an experienced litigator with broad experience in Family Law, Employment Law, Compensation and Court matters. 
  • Nathan Pearce - Panorama Business & Financial

    Nathan's passion is helping business owners and potential business owners understand their goals, and create a systematic approach to achieving these goals. In particular, he enjoys working with small to medium regional businesses, adopting an approach where they work hand in hand for their long-term personal and business goals.